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These are worked out example problems that can be found for free on the iTunes store from MIT. They're meant as further supplementry material for the course tought on Multivariable Calculus which is also available for free and has been made into a torrent elsewhere. Hope this is helpful for you guys. Videos are listed alphabetically and not by order as listed in the iTunes store. I currently don't have the time to order them as such.


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Multivariable Calculus | Mathematics | MIT OpenCourseWare ocw . mit .edumultivariable - calculus -fallOCW Scholar courses are designed specifically for OCW 's single largest audience: independent learners. These courses are substantially more complete than typical OCW Multivariable Calculus | Mathematics | MIT OpenCourseWare ocw . mit .edumultivariable - calculus -fall-2007 Instructor(s) Prof. Denis Auroux. MIT Course Number. 18.02. As Taught In. Fall 2007. Level. Undergraduate. Translated Versions. 简体字. Cite This Course MIT TechTV – Home techtv. mit .edu The MIT Sesquicentennial Video Collection offers a look at 150 days of events, symposia, art installations and perfomances that marked the Institute's anniversary. Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Wikipedia, the en.wikipedia.orgMIT The Massachusetts Institute of Technology ( MIT ) is a private research university in Cambridge, Massachusetts known traditionally for research and education in the calculus : Definition from - Answers - The Most calculus calculus , branch of mathematics that studies continuously changing quantities. The calculus is characterized by the use of infinite processes, involving passage to a Online College Courses - Explore 50+ Subjects | Academic Earth academicearth.orgOnline College Courses. Since 2008, Academic Earth has worked diligently to compile an ever-growing collection of online college courses, made available free of ...